36 Amazing Gifts for the Yoga Lover in Your Life

36 Amazing Gifts for the Yoga Lover in Your Life

Grippy socks, eye pillows, and incense matches.

36 Best Yoga Gifts in 2022 for Yoga Lovers Lululemon Nike Alo Yoga Manduka Bomba Free People Etsy

Courtesy of the brands / Amanda K Bailey

Depending on the practice, yoga can be a heart-pumping workout, a gentle stretching session, or a time to ground and clear one’s mind. And the best yoga gifts, from meditation pillows to ultrasoft leggings, will help the receiver enjoy all the benefits one stands to gain from this multifaceted activity. Add yoga’s many perks to the fact that you can do in the comfort of your living room and you’ll probably find that you have quite a few yoga devotees in your life already (perhaps including yourself)—and they deserve presents this holiday season that reflect their passion.

Luckily, whether you’re shopping for someone who’s furnishing their home studio or enjoying in-person vinyasa flows, there are plenty of fantastic gift options to choose from, including studio-quality props, water bottles that keep drinks ice-cold, and, of course, an all-important mat cleaner

Here, we’ve curated a selection of the best yoga gifts that are great for both the longtime yoga lover and the total beginner, including presents from mainstream brands like Lululemon and favorites like Hugger Mugger. Read on to find the perfect gift for your favorite fitness and yoga enthusiasts to enhance their practices, and don’t hesitate to order when you make your final picks—the sooner you get your gift shopping done, the sooner you can kick back and relax on your own mat.

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  • Alo Yoga

    Alo Yoga Strap

    Thanks to its adjustable loops at either end, this yoga strap can do double duty as a carrying strap for your friend’s commute to the studio (a wonderfully useful gift for the practical yogi). 

  • Lululemon

    Lululemon Throwback Print The Towel

    With its soft, absorbent fabric, this printed yoga towel from Lululemon will make those final sweaty moments of a hot yoga class a little less swampy . 

  • Nike

    Nike Yoga Luxe Cropped Fleece Hoodie

    Made to move with them through their warmup, this cropped hoodie is the perfect length to go with your friend’s favorite high-waisted leggings or bike shorts.

    Available in sizes XS to XXL.

  • Amazon

    Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Bottle with Flex Cap (24 oz.)

    Hydro Flask’s water bottles famously keep drinks icy cold for up hours, making them an excellent gift idea for the hot yoga fan (or any yoga lover who prioritizes hydration). 

  • Etsy

    Yoga Poses Poster

    For your friend who needs inspiration, may we suggest this nifty print that illustrates 150 essential postures, from the basic to the advanced?

  • Amazon

    Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

    Sure, you’ve been relaxed before, but have you been draped-over-this-sturdy-yet-supple-bolster-during-child’s-pose relaxed?

  • Verishop

    Chronicle Books Yoga Dice

    If your yoga lover is tired of coming up with new flows on their own, let this game do the work for them. With a toss of these dice, which have various poses pictured on them, there are thousands of routines to try out.

  • Courtesy of the brand / Amanda K Bailey

    The Incense Matches (16-Pack)

    These incense matches are a lovely treat to keep around, especially when doing yoga. Though they look like little matchbooks, cleverly, each matchstick is incense. Before starting a practice, light one and waft it around, creating a soothing, forest-like atmosphere. (They’re also useful to have on hand to cover everyday odors.)

  • Courtesy of the brand / Amanda K Bailey

    Lululemon Like a Cloud Bra

    Our former health editor described this SELF Certified sports bra as “impossibly soft” and “surprisingly supportive”—an ideal combination for a gentle-yet-challenging flow.

    Available in sizes 2 to 12.

  • FP Movement

    FP Movement Yoga Strap

    Not only can a sturdy yoga strap help yogis access poses with greater ease, it can also help them hold those poses for a longer period of time. And, when said strap has an extra-long design with a fun geometric print like this one from FP Movement, it’ll look good while lending a hand.

  • Amazon

    Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser

    This best-selling Japanese diffuser wafts soothing essential-oil aromas across the room while you practice. It’s also sizable enough to serve as a humidifier, so it will also serve as relief for dry skin during winter.

  • Nordstrom

    Deny Designs Yoga Nude Unframed Wall Art

    This chic monochromatic piece of art is a very cool nod to your friend’s interests that they’ll be proud to display at home.

  • Bombas

    Bombas Gripper Slipper

    For chilly morning flows, these slipper-socks from Bombas will keep your friend’s toes toasty-warm as they shuffle to their mat and settle into practice.

    Available in sizes XS to L.

  • Nordstrom

    Sanuk Yoga Joy Flip Flop

    They’ll never (technically) leave the mat when they wear these flip-flops, made from actual yoga mats, out and about after practice.

    Available in sizes 5 to 11.

  • Urban Outfitters

    Man On The Moon Incense Holder + Ashtray Set

    Not only is this incense holder/ashtray a cute accent for anyone’s practice space, it’s also practical: The man in the full moon dish holds incense, while the crescent moon tray catches the ashes.

  • Mache

    Mache Understory Homi

    Anyone with a home practice knows the struggle of trying to store their mat upright without it unrolling or simply toppling over. Not only will this tube stand keep a standard-sized yoga mat vertical, it’ll look cute enough to display for all to see.

  • Nordstrom

    Zella Amazing Cozy Wrap Jacket

    They can wear this comfy wrap jacket on their way to class, then keep it on hand for their cool down and savasana. 

    Available in sizes XXS to XXL.

  • Nordstrom

    Bala Yoga Balance Blocks

    The yogi in your life can use these unique, semi-circle blocks from Bala to enhance their yoga session in a myriad ways: Placed flat side down, they can provide stability and deepen poses. Placed round side down, they can increase the difficulty of, say, holding a plank.

  • Free People

    Yoga Zeal Yoga Mat

    They’ll never get their mat mixed up with someone else’s if they have this opalescent mat from fashion-forward brand Yoga Zeal. It has a brushed, suede-like top layer that gets grippier with moisture, and a non-slip base for maximum stability.

  • Madewell

    Oak and Reed Journey Yoga Bag

    The on-the-go yoga enthusiast deserves a bag that’ll actually protect their trusty mat from the elements, so upgrade their basic tote with this yoga mat bag from Oak and Reed, which fits most standard-size mats and has an exterior pocket for small essentials.

  • Etsy

    Yoga Sandbags

    The added weight of a sandbag, whether it’s applied to their shoulders in corpse pose or ankles in seated forward fold, will help your yoga lover feel grounded as they sink into deeper stretches and floor poses.

  • Uncommon Goods

    Uncommon Goods Soothing Lavender Eye Pillow

    If your friend’s idea of self-care involves a little aromatherapy, give them this eye pillow to upgrade their next corpse pose. It’s filled with flaxseed and lavender to lend a pleasantly soothing weight and a calming scent.

  • Lululemon

    Lululemon Groove Super-High-Rise Flared Pant Nulu

    Call them “yoga pants,” call them “flared leggings”—either way, these high-waisted Lululemon bottoms will be a welcome change of pace from your friend’s go-to yoga class ensemble of leggings and a crop top

    Available in sizes 0 to 20.

  • Amazon

    Asutra Natural and Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

    No one likes a stinky mat, especially not in their small apartment turned yoga studio. This cleaner comes in a variety of calming scents like lavender and peppermint, so they can simply spray their mat, wipe it down with the included microfiber towel, and flow.

  • Courtesy of the brand / Amanda K Bailey

    Alo Moves Gift Subscription

    Here’s a great gift for homebody yoga lovers of any experience level: year-long online access to yoga, meditation, and wellness classes from well-known fitness and yoga teachers like Patrick Beach, Briohny Smith, and Ashley Galvin.

    Cost: $120 for a six-month subscription; $199 for 12 months.

  • Nordstrom

    Zella Live In High Waist Leggings

    Giving your friend a pair of fitness-editor-approved Zella leggings means giving them a new yoga practice staple. They’re moisture-wicking and soft, with a waistband that won’t slip down halfway through class.

    Available in sizes XXS to XXL.

  • Bookshop

    Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance by Jessamyn Stanley

    In her book, Jessamyn Stanley reflects on how yoga can teach us about everyday life and how it can prompt important moments of self-examination in a series of frank, funny essays. Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance is a must-read for anyone interested in deepening their practice.

  • Etsy

    Basically Yoga Mat Rack

    If the yoga practitioner in your life regularly works out from home, chances are they need a useful wall rack like this to store their various props. It’s handcrafted and subtle, and it helpfully comes with a chalkboard on top for personalization and reminders.

  • Free People

    Free People Nina Strap Grip Socks

    Whether they wear them to yoga, barre, or pilates, these beautifully jewel-tone yoga socks offer some welcome traction and cushion underfoot.

    Available in sizes S/M and M/L.

  • Tuft & Needle

    Tuft & Needle Calm Meditation Cushion

    Meditation is the perfect complement to any yoga practice (and for stressed-out people). To really elevate any yoga lover’s meditation efforts, give them this round, cloud blue cushion, which gives them lift and support while they unwind and re-center.

  • REI

    Pro-Tec Athletics Orb Extreme Mini Massage Ball

    No matter how limber you are, waking up with the occasional knot in your back is frankly inevitable. This nubby massage ball is the perfect size to target small, pesky kinks and work them out.

  • Uncommon Goods

    Uncommon Goods Nature Meditations Deck

    For the outdoorsy yoga lover, this 60-card deck of meditation prompts, affirmations, and messages is inspired by the natural world and the lessons it has to teach us. Every card also features a gorgeous landscape illustration to complete this earthy deck’s vibe.

  • Girlfriend Collective

    Girlfriend Collective Earth Compressive High-Rise Legging

    Available in a range of earthy shades and three different inseams, these bestselling leggings from eco-friendly brand Girlfriend Collective are sure to suit your friend’s studio style. They have an ultra-high rise and compressive feel, and if you throw in the corresponding Paloma Racerback Bra, you can give them the gift of a stylish matching workout set.

    Available in sizes XXS to 6XL.

  • Manduka

    Manduka Yoga With Adriene Recycled Foam Yoga Block

    If your friend started practicing because of yoga instructor Adriene Mishler’s wildly popular YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene, they’ll appreciate this limited-edition yoga block. As part of a collaborative collection from Mishler and Manduka, it has just the right level of density to provide support while still feeling lightweight.

  • Amazon

    B Yoga Freedom Yoga Wheel

    Your yoga-loving best friend can take their backbends and heart-opening poses a step further with this high-quality cork yoga wheel.

  • Amazon

    Benevolence LA Handwoven Mexican Blanket

    These soft striped blankets are endlessly useful—folded for seated meditation, rolled to provide padding during strenuous poses, or draped across your body while in savasana. 

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