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Dexter Jackson won’t be competing in any professional context like the returning Masters Olympia any time soon. However, that doesn’t mean the 2008 Mr. Olympia isn’t keeping up with a disciplined nutrition and training plan. If anything, the 53-year-old legend seems to be chugging along in the gym just like he did in his prime.

On June 2, 2023, Jackson shared a demanding arm workout over his YouTube channel as he continued to disclose details about his overall training process to anyone wise enough to listen.


Here’s a quick rundown of Jackson’s latest arm routine that centered around his biceps and triceps. Note: The precise number of repetitions, sets, and weights were not necessarily documented to a precise degree for each segment.

Drag Curl

Jackson professed that drag curls are one of his favorite exercises, making it fitting that he began this routine with them. A variation of barbell curls, Jackson diagrammed how an athlete can perform drag curls properly.

“The reason you call it drag curls is because you wanna drag the bar up your stomach, okay?” Jackson said. “And you’re curling like this [with the bar sliding up the front of the body] … Elbows way back, as far as they can go. You’re squeezing it up top. You want a good peaking exercise? This is it, right here.”

The bodybuilder performed a high number of repetitions on each of his four sets before moving on accordingly.

Seated Cable Overhead Curl

The next portion of Jackson’s workout involved the icon implementing cables into some biceps curls while seated with his arms extended to each side. The contracted position resembled a bodybuilder’s signature “front double biceps pose.” He emphasized an overhead positioning to give attention to the short head of his biceps. Jackson once again ran through four sets before shifting to another movement.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

A tried and true biceps staple, Jackson worked in some traditional dumbbell hammer curls to improve the overall size of his biceps. Once more, four sets at a high-rep volume were his standard focus.

Cable Triceps Pushdown, Seated Dip, Assisted Dip Machine Pushdown, and Rope Triceps Pushdown

To conclude his workout, Jackson performs a “quad” superset of sorts where he does movements with cable triceps pushdowns, seated dips on a cable machine, pushdowns using the seat of an assisted dip machine, and triceps pushdowns with a rope in three circuits. Jackson maintained that he had used this format for his triceps workouts for roughly a decade at the time of the video.

Here’s an overview of Jackson’s overall biceps and triceps routine:

Dexter Jackson | June 2023 Biceps, Triceps Workout

  • Drag Curl — 4 x 10
  • Seated Cable Overhead Curl — 4 x 10
  • Dumbbell Hammer Curl — 4 x 10
  • (Superset) Cable Triceps Pushdown, Seated Dip, Assisted Dip Machine Pushdown, Triceps Rope Pushdown — 3-4 x 10, each movement without rest

Just because Jackson isn’t stepping on stage in the near future doesn’t mean he can’t, or apparently won’t, continue working on his massive physique. For legends like him, the training grind is seemingly part of the passion and joy they continue cultivating long after competing.

Featured image: Dexter Jackson on YouTube

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